3D Animation

3D animation, motion graphics, and VFX are all integral parts of creating immersive and exciting advertisements. With in house talent as well as a pool of international professionals and studios Diaframma is able to offer a complete service at a competitive price.

As technologies make the process of 3D animation faster and cheaper clients are given the opportunity of bringing their products to life, or creating a unique mascot to help identify their brand. 3D animation also offers the possibility to show product features and highlights in modern and exciting ways, that might be otherwise very difficult or impossible to achieve with just live action.

3D animation, motion graphics, and VFX are all integral parts of creating immersive and exciting advertisements

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Aside from character and product 3D animation it is possible to create exciting environments and set extensions, to add fantastical elements or impactful visual effects, and use motion graphics to exemplify the product and create a strong and memorable brand identity.

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Although much of the VFX and motion graphics are done in house, 3D animation is a much more complex and time demanding practice. As such it often makes sense to collaborate with external professionals and studios so that all possible attention can be focused on achieving the best possible result. Contact between Creativity, Post Production, and the studios or professionals is maintained to ensure the highest levels of efficiency.



Although recently the world of visual effects and 3D animation has become increasingly more advanced and it allows to achieve things that would have been unfathomable only a decade ago, it is still a very complex and time consuming process.
During the production of a commercial Diaframma sends clients previews or pre-renders of the animations and backgrounds so that the client can get an idea of what the final film will look like and how the CGI will be integrated with the footage. This allows for the client to ask for any changes that might be necessary, and for them to be executed before the final rendering stage, creating a time efficient workflow.

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