Every product has its own story; the creative team carefully studies the brand positioning, developing a creativity able to engage the viewer and enhance the product’s appeal. Each project is managed by a member of the creative team who then follows the art direction from the beginning to the final stage, ensuring stylistic coherency throughout the process.
Thanks to this continuous interaction between the creative team – together with the accounts – and the other departments the work-flow is linear and the creativity and client’s ideas are respected throughout the whole process.

From brief to broadcast, the creative team takes care of the art direction, ensuring continuity throughout the process



As soon as the brief is received the team starts an in-depth market research and product study. The competitors and their communication strategy are analysed to understand how to differentiate the product from the competition and make a creativity that allows the product to really stand out.

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Knowledge of the target audience, market, and media trends allow the creative team to always develop a creativity that will enhance all the qualities of the product in a way that is most appealing to the target and buyers. After a brainstorming phase the best creativity is selected to be transformed into a shot-list and subsequently into a storyboard from our storyboard artists. The storyboard will include a guide text for the speaker, as adverts are very brief, all the elements play an important part into giving the right information; the voice over therefore needs to work in unison with the visuals to give product details, rhythm and mood to the commercial.



The client will receive the storyboard and guide text along with a moodboard or set design, and jingle if required. Once the client approves a creativity the production stage can begin. During the pre production stage the creatives work closely with the director, set designers and post production team, ensuring that everyone shares the same vision for the final product.

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