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A vital part of any communication strategy consists in the ability to produce an effective and precise Media Planning service, which constitutes a key part of the accounts’ duties. Once a brief has been thoroughly studied, the clients’ objectives and requests closely analyzed, and the key points of a communication strategy planned, our accounts will then make sure that this strategy takes into account the budget and the project’s target, while maintaining the highest possible quality level. In order for this Media Planning to take place, there are 3 phases to go through, each of which is crucial to an effective final result.

A vital part of any communication strategy consists in an effective and precise Media Planning service

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The first is Media Research. One of the most important steps in Media Planning, this phase consists in a survey of all the different media characteristics and an analysis of all of its respective audiences. We need to analyse which of these media our clients’ target audience will be majorly exposed to, and thus individuate through which of these media our audience is more likely to be direct recipient of our communication strategy.

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The next phase is Media Planning. This second crucial step consists in scheduling broadcasting times and forecasting the number of times this advert will be seen by a target audience. Based on this calculation, the different channels of communication which were defined in the first steps of Media Planning are chosen in order for our predetermined objectives to be reached.

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Lastly, in order to provide our clients with a complete service, we also offer Operational Consulting services. Taking into account our clients’ budget and goals we then upload the final files ready for airing to the various broadcasting stations which have been chosen. This phase also includes Media Buying where we handle the purchase of advertising spaces.

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