Post Production

The Post Production department is made up of a team of professionals with an extensive knowledge of post production methods and techniques, including editing, compositing, VFX, sound design & SFX, and Colour Correction & Grading.

Having an in house Post Production team offers many advantages: communication between the various creative departments of Diaframma allows for a greater realisation of innovative ideas; the possibility to instantly solve any issues that may arise during shooting by speaking with the production team to ensure a smooth post production process; the speed at which it is possible to arrive at an early draft. The Post Production and Creative teams remain in close contact during all stages of production, including planning; this ensures everyone is prepared, and that all ideas are achievable.

A great team with an extensive knowledge from editing to color correction and VFX.



The initial edit is undertaken with the director and creative. Early edits are checked with the client to ensure the film is heading in the correct direction. Next animation, VFX, and motion graphic elements can be created and composited in. Sound design begins with a guide voice-over, SFX, and music. Once the edit has been approved by the client it can be sent to Colour, where colour correction ensures the film has a unified appearance, and colour grading can give the film the desired look, be it action adventure or soft and dreamy.

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Post Production is a complex and multi faceted process that requires a constant understanding of the latest technologies. The Post Production team all have a passion for learning these new methods and practices, and expanding their already impressive skill-sets. Having professionals with skills in all areas of post production also allows for a smoother, more efficient, and often faster post production process.

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The editing team is made up of professionals with differing technical backgrounds and experience; their passion for all things post production related, and their enjoyment in exploring and sharing new ideas, methods, and techniques, means clients can count on the highest quality and effort every time.


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