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Diaframma is able to offer use of its large theatre spaces of 406 and 200 square metres. The threatres offer maximum freedom to realise advanced communication projects, and are a perfect destinaion for producers, directors, brand managers, creatives, advertising agencies, television production companies, web stars, web agencies, artists, musicians, and anyone else needing professional spaces and equipment to realise their creative ambitions.

A great space where your ideas can come to life



Diaframma’s theatre spaces are equipped with state of the art technologies, including two Sony CineAlta cameras with professional cinema Zeiss lenses; dimmable lights and gels; light mixing desk; audio mixer; very large green, blue, sky, and white limbo screens; tripods, dollies and skates;

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The theatre comes complete with vital facilities such as changing rooms, toilets, make up room, eating area, meeting room, and car parking. The set department team is also available with use of the on site workshop and set dressing library. The theatre spaces are located near to the city of Florence, and is just a 5 minute drive from a main highway. There is also a train station just a two minute walk away

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studio rental


The combination of quality, experience and affordability makes Diaframma’s theatre an ideal choice for many applications, such as adverts music videos, television, industrial videos, promotions, teaching, documentaries ,format videos, and web series. Thanks to many decades of experience as a production house, Diaframma is able to deal with many different productions simultaneously and professionally, offering a variety of services to satisfy the majority of our clients’ needs with competitive prices.

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