Video Production

A vital part of the in house service is the video production department. Thanks to decades of experience in the advertising world Diaframma offers some of the best price/quality standards as a production company. Thanks to its excellent coordination between producers, account managers, post production, technicians, set designers, and creatives, Diaframma is able to face intensive video production schedules.

Thanks to the two theatres and a technical materials area containing the most advanced technologies for video shooting, every production is faced promptly, offering the clients the security of a complete and efficient service.

Diaframma offers some of the best price/quality standards as a production company.



Another fundamental figure during video production is the set designer who creates awe inspiring sets by merging their vision with the director and creative’s. Once the set sketch is drawn the various furniture elements are sourced, or when a different set or maquette is needed the set design team gets primary materials such as woods and plastics and manipulates them to create fantastical environments.

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The product always receives the utmost care and attention on set thanks to the toy technician, a vital figure who has the role of ensuring that the product looks and works perfectly during every scene of the film. The years spent on set have also given our experienced production assistants the knowledge of how to best take care of little stars. From casting to on set support our production assistants make sure that the children can act whilst having fun in a relaxed environment.

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Once the casting choice is made, our make up artists and stylists can create the perfect look for any situation, from a modern and classy look to a futuristic space outfit. The result of the collaboration between all of our departments ensures security and trustworthiness, professionalism and organisation during video production with the guarantee of effective budget control without loosing quality and coherence during the whole realisation process of an advert.

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