The professionals that make up the Diaframma team are not only skilled and experienced, but they are also extremely passionate about what they do. This means we give 110% detail and attention from concept to creation and client services.

Art direction


The creative team is responsible for studying the brand, it’s market position and developing a strong and successful concept from idea to art direction. The creatives work closely with the Account Managers as the quarterback.

Video Production


Thanks to our in house expertise and states of the art equipment, Diaframma is the industry standard. We function as a tight knit family, so we are quick on our feet when it comes to last minute changes or challenges faced on set or in post production.

Post production

Post Production

Our Post Production team is made up seasoned professionals that are skilled in editing, compositing, VFX, sound design & SFX, and Color Correction & Grading. Having an in house Post Production team allows for constant communication with all other departments. This means a much faster turnaround of projects, the ability to identify and fix any problems during shoots, and the development of more innovative ideas.


Diaframma offers state of the art CGI, Motion graphics, 3D and 2D animation. These VFX services play a crucial role in taking the TVC or video content to the next level. We are lucky to have a diverse pool of international graphic designers who can make the impossible, possible without breaking the bank.

Art Department

Our Production Design team really makes magic happen. Each creative is carefully studied and brainstormed out then rendered digitally to present to our clients. Their capabilities are endless... Hot pink glitter beaches, novelty sized replica props of real products, willy wonka like worlds, magical tree houses, customized beauty, pet, fashion shops... You name it. Everything is hand made in our studios and built from scratch with love and passion.

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